Wall sawing

About This Project

Wall sawing is also well known as ‘track sawing’ which provides an efficient solution for precision masonry and concrete wall cutting.

An experienced highly trained operative sets up a track by attaching it to the surface of the concrete or masonry to be cut, once positioned the saw head travels along either vertically or horizontally to suit the task in hand. The diamond saw blade is attached to a saw head mechanism and rotated at high speed to form the cut. The saw blade cuts the concrete or masonry in small increments, using a series of passes until the required depth has been achieved. The track sawing is over-viewed and controlled by the operator. They are able to maintain a safe working environment, cutting the concrete or masonry without any undue stress or strain to the structure or equipment.


Benefits of Wall Sawing

Whether it is inverted, angled, flush cut or conventional, our masonry and concrete wall cutting machines and skilled operators will accommodate most situations. Wall sawing is typically specified to cut precise openings for doorways, ventilation units, windows, egress windows, bulkheads, industrial doors, emergency exits and loading docks.


Key Benefits:

  • Great for cutting holes in walls, doorways, windows, reducing wall heights and forming lift-shaft openings.
  • Wall sawing causes no vibration or damage to the remaining structure.
  • Specialised masonry and concrete wall cutting machines have easy to assemble components so they can be set up almost anywhere.
  • Where there is reduced working space wall sawing can offer a viable solution.
  • User friendly when the position of cuts have to be compromised.
  • A wall saw can be equipped with a flush cut attachment. This allows us to make cuts flush to perpendicular slabs, walls, ceilings, etc.
  • A wall saw can do bevel cutting.
  • Hydraulic chainsaws are used for “no overcut” requests on corners.
  • Wall saws are lubricated with water to provide for dust free operation.
  • Our wall saw trucks are fully self-containing, carrying all tools, equipment & power necessary for the job.
wall sawing