Hand Sawing

About This Project

Hand sawing provides portability, speed and accessibility on construction jobsites.

A hand held saw with a diamond blade gives greater flexibility and options to complete projects with restricted access. The hand saw can be powered by a gas engine, electric, or hydraulic depending upon the specific needs and scope of the project.

Typical applications include sawing concrete pipe to length, creating openings for electrical, plumbing, or other needs in concrete walls, floors, and ceilings. This eliminates overcuts associated with other types of sawing and precision trimming.

Hand sawing requires more work from our technicians so it is only used when there is tight access or in situations where traditional concrete cutting equipment does not reach.


Examples of hand saw work include:

  • Small precise openings where circular blades are too large
  • Tight areas where larger saws cannot access
  • A Hand saw was used to cut 2ft. by 2ft. new window openings in a foundation wall due to the confined space and no access for a wall saw.